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Friday, August 6, 2010

Not Always Our Timing

I have been wanting to post this blog for a long time now, but had to wait until it was God's timing.

So often we don't understand why things happen the way they do. Did I understand last year why I was transferred to a different school after school had already started? No. Did I have a good experience and enjoy last year? No. I knew as soon as the transfer list was open, I would immediately get on the list. At that time, I was convinced, that of course I try and return to my previous school. Never once did I consider another school until I got an email. I received an email from the counselor at my first school asking if I would consider Lamar. Well, if it could get me out of where I was, of course. I knew I could not have another year like this past year. I liked everyone I worked with, it was just hard this year. So, I interviewed for a 4th grade position which I love teaching 4th grade. I was offered the position. I am so excited to be at Lamar this year. Now I understand God's reasoning for me being transferred.

Now here is the really big one. As some of you know, we attempted to get custody of Alyssa last year. Things did not go as we had hoped, and the judge didn't grant us custody. Alyssa talked a lot this past year about really wanting to live with us. Her mom allowed her to live with us this summer as a trial to see if this was truly what she wanted. Alyssa knew without a doubt she wanted to stay with us. I am so happy to say that she will be a Barbers Hill Eagle next year. We enrolled her in school this week. Now, Greg and I were very upset last year when we found out the news from the court. Once again, it wasn't God's plan last year, because He knew what would happen this summer. We prayed and prayed that God's will be done, and it was!

So, it may not be when we want things to happen. We may questions why certain things happen. God will allow things to happen in His time.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Free falling...

My father-in-law turned 60 in February and had mentioned to Carolyn he wanted to jump from something to celebrate this milestone. She gave him a surprise party and his gift was the biggest surprise. He was going to jump from an airplane along with Greg and his brother. They attempted to jump in February, but there were tons of people there so after waiting all day, they got a rain check to come back. We went July 11th so they could actually jump this time. We got there right after they opened and they were able to jump with the 2nd group. They had an awesome experience. Thy all seemed to enjoy it and Greg is ready for his 2nd jump. I want to jump, so he will go with me. Don't worry, I'll be with an instructor who knows what they are doing. These people have over 7000 jumps, so they can handle it. I'd like to go during the week because they aren't as busy as they are on the weekends. So, we better hurry up if I do it before school starts.

Monday, June 28, 2010


I received an email last week from my best friend from college letting everyone know about their new website. They have started selling shoes. It is for a great cause. Every pair of shoes bought, a pair gets donated through an organization to a person in need of shoes. In addition to that, a portion of the sales gets donated to the charity of your choice. Isn't that amazing? Just think, while shoe shopping for yourself, you're helping someone in need. No need to feel guilty about spending money. I recommend you try a pair! Here is their website...

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Apparently, I didn't post any thing on Caden's birthday. I thought I had at least uploaded a picture, but I didn't. Sorry little man! We had his party May 1st. His birthday is actually May 26th, but with scheduling, it was the only weekend that worked. We had major issues with the cake. I ordered it from a well respected bakery in Baytown, but the lady who took my order wrote down the wrong expiration date on my card and the wrong phone number which resulted in me not having the perfect cake for his party. I had to settle for a Kroger cake and will no longer be able to buy a cake from this place due to me still being upset about it.

More Beach Pics

Relaxing on the beach!!!

Greg and I spent many conversations trying to think of where we wanted to spend our summer vacations. Having two children as young as ours, limits our choices. We then had to consider a place that Alyssa would enjoy since she is 12. We made reservations in February at a condo in Fort Walton. I was the only one who had been to Florida before, so it was new for the rest of the family. I had never been to Fort Walton, so I was excited to say the least. What more could a girl ask for than relaxing on a beautiful beach? Well as anyone who has turned on the TV in the last hour knows that there was this thing called an oil spill that happened in the Gulf. If you haven't heard about it...Where have you been? Anyway, days before we were going to leave, we heard it was about 72 hours out from hitting Ft. Walton. We decided to take our chances and go anyway. I am glad we did, because we had an entire week of no oil. Everyday we would hear, it's hitting tomorrow, but it never did.

It is absolutely beautiful there and it is a shame it will be messed up by the oil. Here are some pictures from our vacation.


I know it has been a long time since I last blogged, but what does one expect? I've been a little busy with a very active 2 year old who thinks he is grown, a 1 year old who refuses to walk, 4 dogs, Greg, and Alyssa. Actually, Alyssa is the easiest of all of them.

Anyway, I spent the month of May packing up my room at Harlem. I'm transferring to Lamar Elementary. Honestly, it wasn't a school I had ever considered working at, not that it's bad, just never thought about it until one day I received an email. The counselor I worked with at Alamo is also transferring to Lamar and asked if I would consider transferring there. It was no big secret I wanted to transfer. I loved the people I worked with this past year, it was just a very difficult year for me and I badly needed a change. So, I will once again be teaching 4th grade this year. I am very EXCITED about going to Lamar. I think we are going to have a great team. No offense to my previous teams.

You know, I was extremely upset when I had to leave Alamo in September. It of course was not by choice, but I God knew His plans for me while I was questioning why I was the one who had to go. I never would have left Alamo on my own, so God made me. I strongly believe that Lamar is where He wants me to be.